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Guest Article Guidelines
Version 1.5
Last Modified: 11/28/2005

Goals & Objectives
Provide a venue for the information security community to publish and obtain up-to-date web security content.

Our readers are very important to WASC. The readers come from a wide range of professional backgrounds and have a high expectation for quality educational material. As such, WASC contributed articles are not to be used as a venue for marketing purposes. Articles are assumed op-ed, they should be succinct, and direct while presenting details and solutions.

1. Article requirements
  a. Article Content: Content should be on topic with the overall WASC's goals.
  b. Article Proposal: All writers that wish to contribute an article must send a formal.
      proposal to the project leader, and articles mailing list.
  c. Articles Format: All articles should be in the WASC format upon handover.
      Articles may contain references to commercial solutions, but should not be used
      as a marketing venue anywhere within the text or Author Bio section.
  d. Article Timelines: Final article drafts should be handed in within 30 days of initial
      public proposal for peer review.
  e. Article Maintenance: Any editing or article changes must be made by the article author.

2. Review among Project Team
  a. Peer review should take no longer then 2 weeks after the final draft has been sent
  to the review team.
  b. Draft adjustments will be made until accepted by the article author and at least
  80% of review team.
  c. All peer review team comments must be received within 7 days after a paper has been submitted
  d. Only peer review members submitting feedback may cast a failed vote.
  e. Votes must be received by the voting deadline date specified by the project leader or are otherwise void.
  f. Failed votes may only be based off of previous feedback received during the feedback phase of peer review.

3. Post completion of project and release deliverables
  a. Articles will be converted to the file formats as stated in the Final Deliverables section.
  b. Articles will be posted on the WASC website
  c. A public announcement will be made as stated in the WASC release guidelines
  d. Articles will be assigned an audience classification

     - System Administrator
     - Security Professional/Consultant
     - Architect
     - Developer
     - Quality Assurance
     - IT Manager

Final Deliverables
Finished articles will be posted for public distribution through the WASC web site. Articles will be converted to HTML format and use the WASC standard website templates for presentation.

A copy of the content license used by the web application security consortium may be found here.


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By <<-- Insert Author Name here -->

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About the Author


This will be a brief paragraph about the author which may include a brief company description (if applicable) that should contain no sales pitch or marketing hype (Example: The leader of Web Security). This paragraph should be no more then 4 sentences.


John Smith has been involved in information security for the past 8 years and currently is employed at Acme Security as the Chief Cracking Officer. Acme Security provides online business management software and services to enable regulatory compliance, mitigate online risk and improve the business value of websites. Our solutions help ebusiness, marketing, legal, compliance, and IT departments put processes in place to effectively manage their online operations with the same level of control, effectiveness, and attention given to the rest of the organization.